T-shirt + mid-skirt tips to look cool

T-shirt + mid-skirt tips to look cool

After learning about the fashion trend of matching midi skirts with T-shirts, I will give you tips on fashionable with this look.

1. The color that echoes up and down.

Giovanna Battaglia look, red T-shirt and pleated skirt are elegant and bright in red color as T-shirt + medium skirt and color can be made more prominent.

The sweet pink color symbolizes the romance of summer. You don’t have to wear pink from head to toe. Choosing a pink skirt with a pink T-shirt can create a harmonious and elegant effect.

Selena Gomez matches a red-patterned T-shirt with a red open skirt, making the skirt sexy, and the T-shirt adds a little street style to give the overall feeling of sweetness and not greasy.

Giovanna Battaglia’s other T-shirt + pleated skirt set, chest patterns and pleated skirts have bright rainbow colors, and pointed heels also choose red.

2. Light medium skirt that needs a soft feeling.

Thin skirts go well with summer, but they also reveal defects because they are easy to stick to the body. If the lower body is not too thin, the A-shaped skirt that stretches when worn in a thin skirt is much closer than the H-shaped skirt.

When wearing a fluffy skirt, you should avoid a top with a loose upper body, and the elastic fit may look slimmer.

Another thing to note is that if the color of the cape and skirt is rich enough, the upper body jersey should choose a low-brightness monochrome and not cover it with a large pattern.

3. Thick medium-length skirts require bright T-shirts “to alleviate boredom.”

Wearing a dark skirt or a thick skirt in summer will suffocate you. At this time, a “blocking” is needed to give a more refreshing feeling by matching a bright-colored T-shirt with a see-through white T-shirt like a large tasel skirt.

Many women also like cool leather skirts in the summer, and the leather itself feels like autumn and winter, but a thin and bright colored T-shirt is needed to compensate for this.

Velvet, wool, corduroy, and other materials are also the reason and can be light with bright colored shirts.

Of course, the thick meaning is not only the material itself, like the ultra-long bohemian skirt, but also the material itself is not thick, and it has a visual weight due to the type and material, so it can be matched with a T-shirt.