The law of combination to be slim

The law of combination to be slim

The law of combination to be slim

How do you look slim and tall in various combinations? Dear young girls, Please refer to the following combination. They master dressing techniques, so you don’t have to worry about everyday use anymore.

1. Short version top.
He lifts his back in an instant.
The short version top, the basic item of the basic top, is very popular with people. Wearing it inside the jacket can visually raise the waistline that looks very high.
The combination of a shirt and a white cropped top reveals the bottom of the shirt and is new and characteristic.
The cut-out design makes the sweater look more elegant and beautiful. Match it with high-waist retro jeans to show off a perfect proportion of leg lines.

2, turtleneck.
The turtleneck makes the neckline stand out and maintains warmth and elegance, increasing the position of the neck to increase the visual effect.
Fringe denim pants, which were popular this year, can be matched with a dark turtleneck sweater to create a fresher and simpler look and have an excellent fashion sense.
The knit turtleneck sweater catches the eye, and it looks very elegant when worn with metallic touch leather boots.

3. Belt.
Make the golden waist ratio.
Small belts can change the ratio of the upper and lower bodies. If you match it with the jacket, you look very slim and tall.
However, wearing checkered blazers, bright-colored jeans and thin waist creates a casual and free style.
With a simple wide belt, you can easily outline the curved waistline with a layered-style combination.

4. Wide pants.
Loose pants can form a perfect line for women.
Replace your suit pants with loose pants and high heels to enhance your aura.
The combination of trendy minimalism such as black long coats and white loose pants is so pretty. If you are interested in this style, you can follow this combination rule.

5, Various materials and patterns are mixed and matched.
Simple check-patterned elements, similarities and differences in upper and lower body patterns and shades emphasize the body shape and the ratio of upper and lower body.

6. Put the top into the long skirt.
A combination of loose top and tight bottom makes the waistline stand out more by matching loose shirts with straight skirts.

7. Sweater and dress.
If you wear a sweater in early spring, you look more fashionable and stand out in the crowd.
The long black dress is so elegant that it immediately becomes slim and tall.