Rules to combine 룸알바 shirts and skirts

Rules to combine 룸알바 shirts and skirts

Rules to combine 룸알바 shirts and skirts

Do you know that there are rules to combine shirts and skirts? The top and skirt are dark and easy to look too dark, so the milky Jeanne Ladies doesn’t go well with this look. It is recommended to choose a bright mid-skirt that is strong against dark upper body shirts.

For example, a black T-shirt is particularly suitable for combining metallic skirts. Black can give off a calm and restrained feeling while also making use of the metallic color. The combination of the two is perfect.

Unnoticeably easy-to-see patterns are also suitable for dark T-shirts, such as Emma Roberts’ short black-and-white skirt.

In addition to the color’s advantages, excellent design can make dark shirts no longer “dead” like special custom skirts.

Print T-shirts have been a very popular item in recent years, and especially if you wear original T-shirts, you can stand out in the crowd, drawing a lot of attention. Therefore, this shirt should be paired with the simplest monochromatic medium skirt. Isn’t this look so pretty with a monochromatic skirt? In this way, in hot summer, you are also fascinating.

In fact, in a word, a thousand words emphasize the importance and have a clear definition of the layer, namely, a T-shirt + mid-skirt, and a simple and complex combination, are more fashionable.

In fact, a thousand words in a sentence are more fashionable, such as “emphasizing important points and clearly distinguishing layers,” namely, T-shirts + mid-skirts, and simple and complex combinations.

A clear distinction between layers means that there is a balance between open and close, loose and tight, and combining shirts and medium skirts makes it a cube of look taboo. But there are girls who wear waistless dresses, and they look very good and slim!

In particular, a round-shaped girl and a loose T-shirt cover the skirt, and the more you try to disguise, the more you find it. If you put the bottom of the shirt in a skirt or add a belt, it becomes much thinner.

There may be questions. Why do some people wear the same white T-shirt?

The method is simple. Roll the sleeves and tie the hem. The silhouette of the skirt is smooth and curved, and if the sleeve of the shirt is too hard, it can look a little bad.

The most suitable winding method is two layers of winding (so that dots are not exposed), which is shorter outside than inside.

The hem is well understood. In the case of a skirt with a better fit, wearing a skirt and a shirt can be a little wrong. At this time, tying a knot on the floor will completely solve the problem.